Fixture Group:

All About Us!

The Blyth Valley Pool Association was established in 2011 with 12 teams looking to build an exciting league played to English Pool Association Rules.

The inaugral season was a huge success, with sponsorship provided by Goschen Street Garage and Union Private Hire, we were able to run the league, knockout cup, singles, doubles and 3-a-side competitions with prize money being more than seen before in a league mainly based in Blyth.

The format for each league match is 10 Singles (two sets of 5), enabling players to play twice and 2 Scotch Doubles. A point is awarded for each frame won. Therefore, 6-6 draws are a possibility.

For the 2013-14 Season the league has attracted more teams and currently runs with 15 teams. Again our sponsors have stayed on board and it looks like another great year of pool ahead of us!

Meetings take place on the last Tuesday of every month and the subs are £10 per team. This goes to the running of the league but more importantly for prizes and trophies at our season ending festival of pool!

We are always welcoming new teams and players into our league - if you wish to enter a team or if your a player wanting to start off playing pool for a team, please contact us and we will help all we can!



Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
18/09/14 08:00 PM Anitsford Irish A Comrades A Annitsford Irish Club
18/09/14 08:00 PM Comrades B Anitsford Irish B Comrades Club Blyth
18/09/14 08:00 PM Newsham Side Club The Oddfellows Newsham Side Club
18/09/14 08:00 PM Seahorse B Sports Club C Seahorse Blyth
18/09/14 08:00 PM Sports Club A Bedlington Station Sports Club
18/09/14 08:00 PM Sports Club D Seahorse A Sports Club
18/09/14 08:00 PM Sun Inn A South Beach Sun Inn Bedlington
18/09/14 08:00 PM Wharton Sports Club B The Wharton
25/09/14 08:00 PM Anitsford Irish B Sports Club A Annitsford Irish Club
25/09/14 08:00 PM Bedlington Station Sun Inn A Bedlington Station Club
25/09/14 08:00 PM Comrades A Sports Club D Comrades Club Blyth
25/09/14 08:00 PM Seahorse A Seahorse B Seahorse Blyth
25/09/14 08:00 PM Sports Club B Anitsford Irish A Sports Club
25/09/14 08:00 PM Sports Club C Comrades B Sports Club
25/09/14 08:00 PM Sun Inn B Newsham Side Club Sun Inn Bedlington
25/09/14 08:00 PM The Oddfellows Wharton The Oddfellows
02/10/14 08:00 PM Anitsford Irish A The Oddfellows Annitsford Irish Club